Best Hopes Coaching

Katharina Pietsch & Tyll Zybura


Tyll Zybura, 18.01.2022

We can coach you in English

Katharina and Tyll both speak English at native-like/C2 level, and we received our training in Solution Focused Practice in English at the London-based BRIEF Centre for Solution Focused Practice.

Topics: We can coach you on various topics, for example on challenges and conflicts at work or in your private life, on child-parent interaction or non-normative parenting, on non-normative/non-monogamous relationships or queer identities, or on new perspectives for a future life that you would like to develop.

Format: A coaching session for one or more persons (couples, polycules, families, friends, colleagues) with either Katharina or Tyll lasts 60 minutes and will be held online via Zoom (for which you may need to install the free app). You always book one session at a time, depending on your needs.

Money: Between 40–120 € you can choose how much you pay for one session (80 € is our regular fee but we want to provide affordable coaching for persons with low income, while persons with higher income can support us in that by paying more).

Approach: Our solution-focused approach means that we treat you as the expert of your own needs, your reality and your possibilities. We don’t diagnose, pathologize or lecture you. We are experts for a specific way of asking questions that can help you to see the opportunities for positive change in your life more clearly. Together with you we explore the future that you hope for.

Contact us via email or phone to make an appointment or if you have further questions: